Fitting, Fixing & Assembling

Looking for a specialist in the fitting, fixing and assembly of household items? Are you stressed out from trying to put that flatpack together that you’ve been putting off for months? Looking for somebody to fit new locks to your doors? Whether you need something either fitted, fixing, or assembling, Bear Improvements is your first choice. Here at Bear Improvements, we offer a range of handyman services for our clients all across Hertford and Ware, Hertfordshire and all local surrounding areas. Whether you need your kid’s bedroom wardrobe assembled, or whether you need a new lock on your bedroom door for privacy, you can count on Bear Improvements to finish all types of household DIY that needs completing. We aim to deliver outstanding results on all services that we cover. Why settle for anything less?


Bear Improvements | Handyman Services | Painter And Decorator
Bear Improvements | Handyman Services | Painter And Decorator

Why Choose Bear Improvements?

Over the years, we have evolved into a team of fully trained experts that are ready to tackle any project head-on. Not only do we cover services that involve fitting, fixing, or assembling, but we also deliver a helping hand that covers electrics, plumbing, carpentry, and the hanging of stuff such as televisions and shelves. By doing so has allowed our clients to keep on coming back to us for any odd job that needs completing, allowing them to put their trust in our hands. We understand that when looking for a particular handyman that specialises in something that caters to your specific needs, it can be stressful. That is why here at Bear Improvements, we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service that will ensure your requirements are met. We pride ourselves on our exceptional problem-solving skills, motivation and fully flexible attitude. We ensure to keep you in the loop throughout the entirety of ther process. 

We fit, fix and assemble just about everything!

When choosing a handyman service, it is crucial to choose true professionals to carry out any work. Whether you’re looking to fix a loose tile that’s been bugging you for a long time or looking for somebody to change a showerhead and tighten a loose door hinge, you can rest assured that no job is too big or too small for us here at Bear Improvements, we will be able to get that sorted for you right away. So why not contact us today?

Bear Improvements | Handyman Services | Painter And Decorator

When you’re looking through a local handyman service that specialises in the fitting, fixing and assembling of things in Hertfordshire, Hertford, Ware or throughout any of the local surrounding areas, look no further than Bear Improvements for your first choice. We are true professionals at what we do. Please feel free to contact us today to see how we can be at your service for all requests.  Any issues that may arise in your house, let us know about it and we will be more than happy to give a helping hand. We will be glad to assist and deliver outstanding results.